Jersey City has always been a metropolitan area with a great balance of greenery as well as urban life. Many of the activities the community offers are outdoors, especially since there are so many parks. What most residents and tourists alike do not know, is that Jersey City has a lot of vegetation and wildlife, even for being a city. Liberty State Park is offering a kayak trip and eco tour, where the community can learn about the different species of plants in the area as tour the Hudson River in a non-traditional, adventurous way: via kayaking! The guides will be able to provide information about the history of the vegetation and wildlife in the area before the growth of the population; and bring that context into present-day.

The kayak trips are a total of two hours, so just enough time to enjoy the scenery in and around the Hudson River! Each tour begins at the canoe / kayak launch on Morris Pesin Drive in Liberty State Park. Life jackets will be provided for safety, which is included in the $20 registration fee. Space is limited for this kayak adventure, so be sure to sign up in the link below to secure your spot quickly!