JC, Downtown

Downtown Jersey City: the heart and leading personality of this ever-growing metropolitan area. The New York Times has often referred to it as the sixth borough of New York City. With easy access to the city via PATH train and express bus, a well-established cultural presence and a bustling food and drink scene, it is no wonder why thousands of residents are packing up and moving to downtown Jersey City.

Modern luxury condos, refurbished warehouses-turned-lofts and Victorian townhouses are the general makeup of the living options in downtown Jersey City. The cobblestone streets and crown molding in the architecture of the buildings give the neighborhood its charm and establish its historical presence.

In the heart of Jersey City is Grove Street Plaza, where the street now coined as “restaurant row” is lined with critically acclaimed restaurants and local bars. During the summer, The Plaza also hosts weekly live music events and concerts. Third wave coffee-shops have become workspaces for freelancers living there and hangout spots for families, friends, and students on weekends. The Powerhouse Arts District is home to venues like Blackbird Gallery and Art Studio, which continues to feed the artistic community by hosting gallery events and establishing a home for film studios.

What is great about the neighborhood is that there is a high presence of community involvement in Jersey City. Residents are encouraged to attend meetings in City Hall to vote on improvements and renovations within the Jersey City metro area. One of the more recent changes is the Grove Street PATH station that comes alive with live music, street food, and local shops, all of which have been approved by Jersey City residents.

With unparalleled views of the Manhattan, great prices, and plenty of opportunities for leisure, Downtown Jersey City has set the tone for the future of metro living.