JC, Greenville

Greenville is the southernmost neighborhood in Jersey City and boasts a beauty residential area with a pristine view of the skyline along the water. Transportation to the city and other neighborhoods in Jersey City is simple. In addition to being car-friendly, there is the waterway dispatch where ferries depart to downtown Manhattan, buses that travel directly to the city, as well as three Light Rail stations to transport anywhere in Jersey City.

Greenville gets its namesake from the amount of greenspace throughout the community. Golf courses, parks and waterfront walkways like the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway have been erected for both sport and leisurely activities like running or biking.

The community has many renovations planned for the near future to bring in revenue, foot traffic and jobs to boost the economy. Current local attractions include the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum, Mercer Park, and Liberty State Park (which have brought all brought in substantial revenue for the city).
Jersey City has also planned to build condominiums along the waterway and the main thoroughfare, Martin Luther King Drive. In addition, the city has onlined the making of a City Hall Annex. This will open up opportunities for retail units as well; and attract more shops and restaurants as Greenville establishes its objectives.