Nobody Sells Condos in Jersey City
Like We Do

Metro Agents’ commitment to top quality customer service paired with an unrivaled built-in customer base has made us the leader in the Jersey City and Gold Coast residential market.

As a boutique brokerage firm we can provide the personalized attention and advocacy required to ensure the best possible price for your home. Our prime location adjacent to the Newport PATH Station commands high foot-traffic with direct access to over 10,000 rental residents who already call Jersey City home.

How We Sell Your Home

Personalized Marketing
  • Professional Video/Photography
  • Special Events
  • Targeted Social Media
  • Custom Marketing Materials
  • Custom Publications
  • State Of The Art Website Exposure
Market Knowledge & Resources
  • Pricing For Maximum Exposure
  • Storefront Property Listings
  • Open Houses
  • Broker Community Outreach
  • Public Relations
  • Current Active Customer Base

What Determines Price?

Our brokers look at various aspects to determine the market value of your property.
We take into account things such as:



The single greatest factor in determining the price is location.



Buyers will compare and interpret value based on other available properties.



Market conditions change and cannot be manipulated. An effective marketing plan and pricing strategy must take these conditions into account.



Property condition directly affects the price and speed of the sale.



In the end, it’s the marketplace that will determine the price. At Metropolitan & Waterfront, we use our vast knowledge of, experience in, and data on the New York market to calculate where we think the property will trade, but ultimately, the market dictates the actual price.

Is There a Best Time To Sell My House?

Property sells year round, however, the time of year you choose to sell can make a difference in the amount of time it takes and the final selling price. Generally the real estate market picks up in the early spring. During the summer, the market usually slows. Many prospective home buyers and realtors take vacations during mid-summer. The end of July and August are often the slowest months for real estate sales.

After the summer slowdown, sales activity tends to pick up for a second, although less vigorous, season which usually lasts into November. The market then slows again as buyers, sellers turn their attention to the holidays. This diminishes the amount of homes on the market as sellers may take their homes off the market for the holidays. However, there are still buyers in the marketplace, but now those buyers have fewer homes to choose from. Those homes on the market at that time have considerably less competition.

As a good rule of thumb, you’ll have the best results if your house is available to show to prospective buyers continuously until it sells.

Maximize Your Real Estate Value


Eliminate Clutter

Your property will feel larger and brighter, while allowing prospective buyers to explore it comfortably, envisioning it with their own personal touches.



If you think something is too much trouble to fix, chances are buyers will, too. Making repairs allows you to present your property in a better light and increase its value.



Presenting a clean home to a buyer shows them the home has been valued and cared for.



Place fresh flowers in the apartment, open all of the drapes/blinds, turn on all of the lights, make the beds, put all clothes away, turn off the televisions, and be sure the kitchen and baths shine.



Potential buyers are much more comfortable and will be more likely to discuss how they feel about a property if the seller is not at home during the showing.

Additional Information

  • Selling your home all commissions are negotiable.
  • Buying a home Seller pays real estate agent commission.
  • Average cost of closing for a buyer is between $8,000- $10,000 depending on lender if purchasing a home.
  • Purchasing a Townhome/High-rise/Mid-rise/Low-rise prices can vary due to condo/lender requirements .
  • Attorney costs for a buyer can be average $1,500.00 and up.
  • Attorney costs for a seller can average $1,000.00 and up.
  • If you reside in Newport Rental Community for 1 year or more and work with Metropolitan & Waterfront residential brokerage then you can break your lease or extend (until you close) and receive your entire security deposit back( home MUST be left in broom swept condition) with 30 days written notice and paying a one time processing fee of $250.00.
  • If you are purchasing a residence over 1 million dollars there is a 1% millionaire sales tax that will also be charged.

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Contact one of our qualified agents to help you begin the process.